Our on-board artificial intelligence creates optimized flight paths used to automatically develop 3D dense surface reconstructions. Datamapper 3D point clouds have densities exceeding 250 points per square meter.


We provide 3D data to quickly assess crop height and density from any angle. Evaluate your crops for uniformity and yield potential.


Another benefit of 3D data is the ability to see anomalies in the field commonly associated with weeds.


High-resolution plant count maps are developed using a machine learning technology that gives our users early information on plant size by individual plant, row, plot or field. Identify planter skips and assess yield potential in early growth stages.


Quickly assess crop coverage in later growth stages reported as a coverage percentage. Canopy cover can be segmented by any management unit and is the base product for crop productivity measurements such as stay-green and brown-green ratio.


Identify crop stress, track rogue plants and detect early infestations with our wide selection of agricultural vegetation indices. We calibrate our data to at-sensor reflectance to provide a consistent look throughout the growing season independent of environmental conditions