Commercial Real Estate

Save time, money and a headache when you utilize Skyward Film’s Commercial Real Estate services.

Being a production company focusing on detailed assessments as well as cinematic presence we strive to minimize hassle in the corporate world. Not only do we render high quality visuals but we also provide fantastic customer service. Our policy is such, we do not stop working on a project until our clients are fully satisfied.



Commercial Real Estate

 - Skyward provides stunning aerial images and video, showcasing your property from a unique persoectivr in the sky. Perfect for surrounding areas, viewing large properties and providing context nearby amenities and features. 

Corporate Promotional Video

    - Given our background in film production, we find it imperative that any business represent themselves with a somewhat cinematic appeal. The way we shoot promotional videos or commercials is with the intention of a hollywood production. By representing your business in the spotlight there will be no need for anyone to take their eyes of of it.






Time Lapse

Enhance the quality of your development. By choosing Skyward's Time Lapse feature architects, developers and contractors may review months of work in a matter of minutes. With the footage you can either analyze project development to improve efficiency or keep a digital portfolio to display your work to potential clients.





Let us take away the time, LIABILITY and cost of inspections.

Exterior Inspections

    - This feature is our most popular. Instead of having to plan an extraneous inspection heavily focused on manual labor and exorbitant costs, clients would find it to be much more economical to employ our services. Our exterior inspections have been proven to reduce the costs, time and risk of conventional methods. With our high resolution 4k camera, we can zoom in on fracture lines, chips and other visible indications of or leading to structural damage. The footage could then be sent to a mason to assist in identifying focal points.

Land Surveillance

    - During the plotting phase in land development architects and developers could get an aerial video and or photographic display of the general area.